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Mindful Choices

New Paleo & Keto Options

Whether it’s gluten-free or paleo, plant-based or keto, eating habits inevitably change with the times. But 150 years in this business have instilled in us an unwavering belief: In any diet, there’s a place for chocolate.

Our Mindful Choices product line marries the artistry of chocolate with evolving dietary awareness. We’ve created a range of products that speak to conscious eaters of all kinds, from classics that leverage pure cacao, to innovative options free from refined sugars. Whatever your palate and creativity can imagine, there’s a world of flavor-forward options to bring it to life.
Our Super Chocolate collection honors cacao and its natural potency to deliver exceptional flavor and unmatched performance. For those re-evaluating their relationship with conventional sweeteners, our Beyond Sugar collection offers two paths forward: the flavorful delight of unrefined coconut sugar; or no-sugar-added options that still bring a familiar touch of sweetness.

They say the only constant is change. For us, our constants are impeccable flavor and superior performance. No matter how lifestyles may change, we’re here to make chocolate an indelible part of life.

Beyond Sugar

Tastefully Sweetened
Sugar Redefined

In creating chocolate without refined sugars, our guiding principle was—as always—flavor first. Our Beyond Sugar offerings are new classics: inventive, decadent creations to inspire an enduring love of chocolate.

Coconut Sugar
Our innovative use of coconut sugar is formulated specifically to turn this 72% chocolate into a keto and paleo option without sugar alcohols. Coconut sugar also has a lower glycemic index than conventional sugar, and contains a range of naturally occurring minerals.

Stevia & Erythritol
For an experience without added sugar, our 58% and 61% chocolates are sweetened with stevia and erythritol for balanced and thoughtful flavor.

  • Coconut Sugar 72% Cacao
    Coconut Sugar 72% Cacao
    Notes of roasted cocoa and deep chocolate lead to lingering dried fruit and nuttiness with endnotes of subtle coconut and lingering vanilla.
  • Stevia 61% Cacao
    Stevia 61% Cacao
    Rounded chocolate notes amidst the comforting flavors of hot cocoa balanced with a subtle spiciness and vanilla.
  • Stevia 58% Cacao
    Stevia 58% Cacao
    Upfront chocolate that lingers throughout, balanced with mild vanilla notes in a cookie drop format.

Absolute Chocolate

  • Wafers 100% Cacao
    Wafers 100% Cacao
    A distinct liquor that deliver flavors of fruit and spices amidst a deep base chocolate; bitterness gives way to a subtle floral sweetness adding a unique layer of complexity.
  • Nibs 100% Cacao
    Nibs 100% Cacao
    The essence of chocolate with minimal processing; just roasted cocoa beans that yield a warm roasted chocolate note with a mild bitterness.
  • Cocoa Rouge 100% Cacao
    Cocoa Rouge 100% Cacao
    An intense bittersweet character with rich, deep-red color, robust, fudge-like flavor and full chocolate essence topped off with an intense yet subtle Dutched flavor.
The Essence of Flavor
Rethinking Innovation

Cacao is perhaps the ultimate win-win ingredient: a sensory delight that is loved the world over, and a naturally potent food that’s keto- and paleo-friendly. In our Absolute Chocolate collection, you’ll find three vibrant expressions of cacao: our unsweetened wafers, cacao nibs, and cocoa powder. Each brings an innovative twist to recipes and confections, from a sprinkle of nibs on a frozen drink, to a lush 100% cacao enrobing. All are a celebration of flavor, a way to shine a light on cacao’s bold character—without any added sugar.

* Figures are based on a 15g serving size (5g cocoa rouge); finished products use and their corresponding serving size may change these figures. Nutritional information for 100g serving is available upon request. Not a low calorie food.

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