Guittard Classes & Events

Guittard Chocolate Studio presents
The 2017 Guest Chef Series

Hands-on Classes for the Professional

Under the direction of Guittard Pastry Chef Donald Wressell, the Guittard Chocolate Studio hosts the Guest Chef Series, featuring hands-on workshops with prominent chefs, chocolatiers and bakers for a unique opportunity to learn new skills, finesse techniques and expand on your chocolate knowledge.

Guest Chef
Chef Jin Caldwell

All About Cocoa Butter and Molded Chocolates

July 23-24

Guest Chef
Ciril Hitz

A Tour of Breads

August 05-06

Guest Chef
Chef Ciril Hitz


August 07

Guest Chef
Chef Ciril Hitz

Laminated and Enriched Doughs

August 08

Guest Chef
Michael Recchiuti

Panning and “Snacking” Chocolate

September 17-19

Guest Chef
Chef Craig Ponsford

Whole Grain Hearth Breads

November 05-06