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Original Cookbook-let - featuring recipes made using Grand Cacao

The tiniest cookbook for your kitchen shelf. 

In honor of over 150 sweet years of making chocolate, we have reprinted our cookbook-let, which was first printed in the 1930s and developed by the Guittard family. The Guittard Cookbook-let features age-old recipes made with our first-ever product--Sweet Ground Chocolate, which can be substituted for our Grand Cacao. The Sweet Ground Chocolate preceded the invention of the cocoa press which was central to the invention (yes, invention!) of the chocolate bar as we know it. The recipes themselves allow you to enjoy simpler times, while celebrating the craft of chocolate and of course, bringing friends and family together.

*Reprinted in collaboration with Bake From Scratch Magazine

* Nutrition and ingredient facts that appear online and on wrapper may differ. Info on wrapper reflects actual contents.