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The dulce de leche dairy notes of the 41% Eclipse du Soleil harmonizes with the vanilla and sea salt for a luxurious bite of chocolate that’s both whimsically sweet and surprisingly tart.


225g Cream
60g Glucose
15g Invert Sugar
2 Vanilla Beans
630g 41% Cacao Eclipse du Soleil
11g Lemon
70g Butter
61% Cacao Lever du Soleil


Bring cream, glucose, invert sugar and vanilla beans to a boil. Strain over chocolate. Let stand for 5 minutes. At 35˚c/95˚F, add soft butter and emulsify. Cast into 3/8” x 10” x 12”  frame. Allow to crystallize overnight. Cut to desired shape and separate.

Enrobe in 61% Cacao Lever du Soleil and sprinkle with sea salt.