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Rye-Chia Sandwich Cookie

This recipe contains Guittard Santé 72%, contact your local Guittard sales representative to get some!

Yield: 1 dozen sandwich cookies
Working Time: 1 hour
This recipe contains: Tree Nuts, Eggs


92g all-purpose flour
112g rye flour
20g chia powder
20g chia seeds
0.5 g Korintje cinnamon
2g kosher salt
75g coconut sugar
190g butter, cold, Cubed
30g egg whites
4g vanilla paste

Total Weight: 546g 

Cookie Filling:
90g butter
150g coconut sugar
0.5g Kosher salt
40g brown rice syrup
12g Guittard Cocoa Rouge
80g Guittard Santè 72% Coconut Sugar Chocolate

Total Weight: 372.5g


Combine all dry ingredients with the cold, cubed butter into a mixer with a paddle attachment. Mix until the butter has been cut into the flour and very small pieces of butter are present. The mixture should not resemble a dough at this point. Add the eggs whites, and vanilla paste. 

Continue to mix to a dough. Scrape the sides down to ensure even mixing.
Remove dough from bowl and roll out between 2 pieces of parchment paper to a thickness of about 1/8" thick.

Chill dough until firm enough enough to cut. Cut into desired cookie sized Bake at 325°F for 12-14 minutes, until deep golden brown.