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Lime in the Coconut

The caramel notes of the 38% Soleil d'Or are enhanced with a 64% L'Harmonie--setting the tone for this dessert. Lime brightens the richness of coconut that plays well against this blend of chocolates. Toasted almond nougatine adds a welcome crunch. 

Working Time: 45 minutes
This recipe contains: Coconut


Lime Gelée 

Lime Water (infused with zest / 6gr. of 3 limes)  225g 

Fresh Lime Juice  50 g 

Sugar 75 g

Agar Agar 1.5 g

Gelatin  5 g 

Water  20 g


Coconut Cake 

Desiccated Coconut (light roast) 68 g

Almond Flour (light roast)  45 g 

All purpose flour  42 g   

10x  100 g 


Egg whites  68 g 

35% Cream  16 g 

Vanilla Bean, scraped (1) 


Egg Whites  205 g 

Sugar  112 g 


Desiccated Coconut  25 g 


Coconut Mousse 

Coconut Cream 225 g 

Sweetened Condensed Milk  40 g

Gelatin  2 g 

Water  8 g 

Fresh Lime Juice  20 g


Almond Nougatine 

Butter  140 g 

Glucose  60 g 

Sugar  175 g 

NH Pectin  3 g

Granulated Almonds  200 g


Milk Chocolate Cremeux

38% Cacao Soleil d'Or 175 g 

64% Cacao L'Harmonie 62 g

Egg Yolks  125 g

Milk  310 g

Cream 310 g

Sugar 62 g 

Gelatin 3 g

Water 12 g 


Coconut Gelée 

Coconut Puree  250 g

Water  20 g

Gelatin 5 g


Additional Items 

Chocolate Plaquette 

Diced Mango 


Lime Gelée 

1. Zest limes into 225 g of water. Allow to stand for 30 minutes. Strain. 

2. Disperse agar agar in sugar. Heat lime water with sugar and rain in agar/sugar mixture.

3. Bring to a boil. Add lime juice and hydrated gelatin. 

4. Cast into a glass dish. Chill. 


Coconut Cake 

1. Place coconut, almond flour, AP flour and 10x in food processor and pulse to combine. 

2. Add egg whites, cream and vanilla. Stir until homogenous. 

3. Make a Swiss meringue with remaining egg whites and sugar. 

4. Fold into base mixture. 

5. Spread batter in a 1/2 sheet pan. 

6. Sprinkle in remaining coconut. 

7. Bake at 340 degrees F/170 degrees C about 16 minutes


Coconut Mousse 

1. Hydrate Gelatin

2. Heat gelatin with sweetened condensed milk to dissolve. 

3. Temper in coconut cream. Add lime juice. 

4. When mixture reaches 70 degrees F/21 degrees C, pour into an iSi siphon. 

5. Give one charge and shake well. Afer one minute, repeat with one charge then refrigerate. 


Almond Nougatine

1. Disperse pectin in sugar.

2. Melt butter with sugars. 

3. Add almonds. 

4. Bake on a silpat at 320 degrees F/160 degrees C. 


Milk Chocolate Cremeux

1. Bring milk, cream, sugar and egg yokes to 185 degrees F/85 degrees C. 

2. Strain over chocolates. 

3. Add hydrated gelatin. 

4. Immersion blend to emulsify. 

5. Deposit in glasses. Chill. 


Coconut Gelée 

1. Hydrate gelatin in water. 

2. Heat 25% of puree with gelatin. 

3. Temper in remaining puree. 

4. Top cremeux with gelée. Chill.