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Epique Verrine

With flavors of coffee, orange, and hazelnut.

Working Time: 1.5 hours
This recipe contains: Tree Nuts, Gluten, Eggs, Dairy



95g Guittard 70% Épique       

110g milk               

110g cream               

22g sugar               

42g egg yolks          

3g gelatin              

12g water            


72g butter               

72g pastry flour         

0.8g Fleur de Sel           

58g Turbinado Sugar          

90g granulated fazelnuts     


1180g 35% cream            

33g coffee beans          

20g water               

85g sugar               

15g glucose               

0.15g soda               

0.5g  vanilla bean pulp           

63g  butter              

0.5g Fleur de Sel           


72g butter            

1g sea salt            

18g honey            

64g egg yolks        

50g 10x sugar      

110g roasted hazelnut flour    

30g bread flour

100g egg whites

1.2g egg white powder

0.5g aalt

0.7g cream of tartar

44g sugar


27g gelatin               

108g water               

170g sugar               

195g glucose               

216g water              

135g sweetened condensed milk       

112g Guittard 100% Minuit       


80g milk               

80g cream               

12g invert sugar           

78g yolks               

215g Guittard 70% Épique       

275g 35% cream           


3 Heirloom Valencia Oranges     

Sugar, as needed             

Water, as needed               


Chocolate Cremeux

Bring milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks and bloomed gelatin to 85° C/ 185° F. Strain onto chocolate, let stand for 3 minutes, then immersion blend. Deposit in desired silicon mold. Blast freeze.

Hazelnut Crumble

Mix all ingredients until dough is just formed. Press into a stainless ring.
Oven:  155° C / 310° F for 20 – 22 minute

Coffee Caramel

Make a hot infusion with the cream and coffee beans.  After 10 minutes strain and scale 150 g.  Reserve. Cook water, sugar, and glucose to a caramel. Add butter, vanilla, soda, and salt. Emulsify. Add coffee/cream infusion and cook to 103 – 104° C / 217° F. Reserve.

Hazelnut Sponge

Cream butter, salt and honey.  Add yolks. Process hazelnut flour, 10x, and bread flour. Whip whites with stabilizers gradually adding sugar. Fold dry ingredients into creamed mixture. Fold beaten egg whites into above mixture. Deposit into desired molds and bake. Oven:  165°C / 330° F. Vent open, 18 minutes. Ingredients:  Room temperature.

Chocolate Glaze

Bloom the gelatin in water. Heat sugar, glucose, water, and sweetened condensed milk to 103° C / 217° F. Add gelatin and chocolate. Immersion blend. Use at 28° C / 82° F.

70% Épique Mousse

Cook milk, cream, invert sugar, and yolks to 85° C / 185° F. Strain onto partially melted chocolate. Emulsify. At 38° C / 100° F fold in soft whipped cream.

Orange Confit Puree

Remove skins from orange with a peeler. Blanch 7 times from cold to hot refreshing water each time. After the final blanching drain and weigh orange skins. Add an equal amount of sugar to the skins and cryovac at 70%. Cook in an immersion bath at 90°C for 80 minutes. Chill in an ice bath. Grind to a smooth puree in a food processor.

Final Assembly

Cut a piece of sponge and place into the verrine. Top with mousse. Place a small amount of coffee caramel on top. Lay a piece of crumble on top of that. Lay on a small amount of orange puree. Glaze cremeux and set on top of puree. Finish with a 70% chocolate plaquette.