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Date Rochers

This recipe contains Guittard Santé 72%, contact your local Guittard sales representative to get some!

Yield: Makes 2 dozen
Working Time: 1 hour
This recipe contains: Tree Nuts


185g dates, soaked
90g water
15g tapioca starch
1g kosher salt
12g Guittard Cocoa Rouge 100%
30g almond butter
18g coconut oil
130g Santé 72% Coconut Sugar Chocolate
40g almond flour
65g cocoa nibs
55g crystallized ginger
45g shredded coconut

Total Weight: 686g 


Pit the dates and place them in hot water for 30 minutes, puree and set aside. Combine the water and starch in a saucepan, whisk and boil until clear. Remove from heat and place in bowl. Add salt, Cocoa Rouge 100%, and almond butter, whisk.

Add the melted coconut oil and melted Santè 72%. Whisk until smooth, mix remaining ingredients. 

Cast in 1/4 pan and refrigerate. Cut to desired size and roll. Apply 1st coat of tempered chocolate, roll in dried raspberries and almonds. Once set, coat a second time in tempered chocolate with about 5% coconut oil added. 

Store in refrigerator.