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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Classic flavors of orange, tangerine and vanilla pair well with these three chocolates. Various textural elements add dimension: the Coucher du Soleil provides a bite to balance against the Épique mousse with the richness of a Minuit glaze. It's a chocolate experience that delivers a one-two-three punch.

Working Time: 1.5 hours
This recipe contains: Tree Nuts, Eggs, Gluten, Dairy


Crunchy Chocolate Mousse

Part 1

150g cold water

10g Methocel F50

Part 2

l150g 72% Cacao Coucher du Soleil

80g milk

150g egg whites

30g sugar

155g Methocel Mix

45g sugar


Épique Mousse

80g milk

80g 35% cream

12g invert sugar

78g egg yolks

215g 70% Cacao Épique

275g 35% cream


Petite Beurre

70g pastry flour

34g 10x

30g almond flour

10g oatmeal flour

1g sea salt

0.25g Saigon Cinammon

55g butter

40g butter

1/2 orange zest


Cacao Nib Tuile

50g sugar

18g glucose

188g milk

43g butter

1g pectin NH

50g Collection Etienne Cacao Nibs


Almond Nougatine

75g sliced almonds

150g sugar


Chocolate Glaze

4g gelatin

96g water

170g sugar

85g glucose

135g evaporated milk

100g water

115g 100% Cacao Minuit


Vanilla Custard

450g 35% cream

150g milk

40g Turbinado sugar

0.46g Carrageenan Iota

0.30g Carrageenan Kappa

1 vanilla bean


Orange/Tangerine Gelee

150g juice

4g gelatin

16g water


Additional Items

Thin Sheets of Coucher du Soleil


Crunchy Chocolate Mousse

Part 1

Using a Vitamix shear the Methocel into the water on high speed for 30 seconds. Allow to hydrate for an hour and up to one day in the
refrigerator. Dehydrate at 150° F / 65° C overnight.

Part 2

Whip the Methocel in a stand mixer on high speed to full volume. Create ganache with milk and chocolate. Create soft peak meringue
with whites and sugar. Fold meringue into ganache followed by Methocel.  Spread onto lightly greased acetate. Dehydrate at
150° F / 65° C  overnight.


Épique Mousse

Cook milk, cream, invert sugar and yolks to 185° F / 85° C. Strain into partially melted chocolate. Emulsify. At 100° F / 38° C fold in soft
whipped cream. Deposit into desired mold. Blast freeze.


Petite Beurre

Mix all except last measurement of butter to form a dough.  Chill Roll dough to 3 mm and half bake at 325° F / 162° C. Process into a coarse
meal in a stand mixer. Add the remaining butter and zest. Press into desired mold and finish baking at 325° F / 162° C. Once cool, grind in a
food processor to a smooth paste.


Cacao Nib Tuile

Disperse pectin in sugar. Warm milk slightly and rain in pectin mixture. Add glucose and butter and bring to a boil, add nibs. Chill. Bake
at 310° F / 150° C.


Almond Nougatine

Toast almonds at 310° F / 155° C. Create a dry caramel add the almonds. Stir well.Pour onto a silpat, cover with a second silpat and roll as
thin as possible.


Chocolate Glaze

Hydrate gelatin in water. Heat sugar, water, glucose and evaporated milk to 217° F / 103° C. Add gelatin and chocolate. Immersion blend.


Vanilla Custard

Slowly bring all ingredients to the boil while whisking. Strain and cast into desired vessel allow to set, then refrigerate.


Orange/Tangerine Gelee

Juice a combination of best available oranges and tangerines. Hydrate gelatin and heat ¼ of juice and temper into remaining juice.
Cast on top of vanilla custard.