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61% Keto Coconut Bars

This recipe contains: Tree Nuts


73g Coconut Oil
95g 61% Keto Chocolate
30g Cocoa Rouge
16g King Arthur Sweetener
1g Kosher Salt
8g Hemp Hearts
8g Flax Seeds
20g Cashew Butter
45g Shredded Coconut
15g Cocoa Nibs

Total Weight: 311g
Net Carbs per Gram:  0.171
Serving Size: 15
Net Carbs per Serving: 2.565

Oban Coat Net Carbs per Gram: 0.0015
Net Carbs per Gram, Enrobed: 2.571


Melt the coconut oil together with the 61% chocolate. Stir all ingredients into this mixture.

Cool mixture down while stirring frequently to 21-22°C. Cast into a frame 1/4"thick and 6 3/4" square. Chill to set.

Cut into squares and enrobe in Oban. Store at room temperature.