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Articles & Resources

As part of our ongoing commitment to educate and inspire our customers, we've collaborated with Pastry Arts Magazine to provide quarterly articles that dive deep into the theory and practice of working with chocolate. Below please find PDFs of our article series -- Chocolate Talk. 

Spring 2020 - The Importance of Choosing Chocolate for Flavor and Sustainability, By John Kehoe, Amy Guittard and Pastry Chef Josh Johnson 

Summer 2020 - Using Single Origins to Craft Thoughtfully Paired Flavors: Pairing Flavors as a Technique, By Pastry Chef Josh Johnson 

Fall 2020 - Mindful Choices: Marrying the artistry of chocolate with evolving dietary needs of modern consumers, By Executive Pastry Chef Donald Wressell 

Winter 2020 - Flavor Pairing: The Art and Science Behind the Theory and Practice, By Executive Pastry Chef Donald Wressell and Amy Guittard 

Spring 2021 - The Art and Science of Cocoa Powders: Knowing the variables so you can find the right solution, By R&D Mamager Rebecca Kuehn and Executive Pastry Chef Donald Wressell 

Articles & Resources