Obsessed with flavor and faithful to craft, we hand select the finest cocoa, pass down time-honored Recipes, and tirelessly innovate our techniques. 150 years isn’t a mark of our longevity. It’s a testament to our passion.
Meet The Chocolate That Tells The Story

In 1868, Etienne Guittard landed in San Francisco. Others had come seeking gold, but he had his own treasure: an unassailable passion for chocolate. He set up his first factory, Eureka Works, and sold his chocolate to scores of fortune seekers.


In turning 150, we were inspired by a vintage ad illustrating our original sourcing. Early on, we sourced most of our cocoa from around the Pacific, giving our first chocolate a flavor unique to the west coast.

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Our Eureka Works chocolate recreates that classic west coast flavor, using cocoa from our earliest sourcing locations for a taste of history."
Cacao first arrived to Indonesia in the 1600s and today the country is the third-largest cocoa producer in the world. We’re partnering with the Indonesian Coffee & Cocoa Research Institute to help them rediscover the unique, historic flavors of this diverse island nation.
The only region in the U.S. that grows cocoa. Its award-winning cacao industry has bolstered farms like Waialua Estate on the north shore of Oahu, where these beans are from. Since 2005, we have worked closely with the farm on post-harvest techniques that bring out the full flavor of this unique cacao.
The largest producer of cocoa at the turn of the century, Ecuador is still home to the Arriba or Nacional variety of cocoa. Renowned for its aroma and complexity, this historic cocoa variety is grown by the organic-certified Sabor Arriba cooperative in Esmeraldas.
Cocoa sourced for this chocolate comes from the Fazenda Camboa farm, in the heart of the Bahia growing region, where the 3rd generation of the Carvalho family has worked to restore this plantation to its former glory. Family to family.
Made with beans sourced from the same locations we used when we opened our doors, Eureka Works is a limited-edition 62% chocolate that provides a taste of history.
This uniquely complex, multi-bean blend has an early mild-fresh fruit acidity along with notes of pineapple, dark cherry, slightly under-ripe banana and hints of citrus.
For every Eureka Works bar sold, a portion of proceeds will go to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund.
As founding members of the HCPF, we’re proud of the work it does to conserve biological diversity, support premium prices, empower farming communities, and help ensure delicious chocolate for years to come.
See our Eureka Works chocolate come to life in the creations of great chefs. Explore their recipes below, or taste them in person at their restaurants.
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Eureka Works recipes and desserts by:
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D Bar, Denver
Keegan Gerhard
Lincoln Ristorante, New York City
Richard Capizzi
Spago, Los Angelas
Della Gossett
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