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Annie has been working at Zuni Cafe on and off since 2008. Having left and come back three times now, with a snowboarding winter break and a two year stint at Camino in Oakland, Callan always finds herself back to Zuni. "It's my home here in the Bay area," she says. "I was lucky to spend a large chunk of my career working directly with Judy Rogers and the lessons learned from her have shaped how I am as a pastry chef today." 

Gateau Victoire


1 1/2# Guittard Eureka Works 62% semisweet chocolate chopped
3/4c Hot coffee
9 Eggs
3 Yolks
2/3c Sugar
1 2/3c Cream whipped to soft peaks with the salt
pinch Salt


Pre-heat oven to 325.Butter a 9" cake pan, line with parchment on the bottom and around the rim with some of the parchment extending over the top of the cake pan sides. The gateau rises significantly and needs the paper to "grab" onto. It will fall once it is out of the oven. Butter all of the parchment once it is attached.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler until completely melted. Add the hot coffee to the chocolate and stir together.Take off of the heat and let cool while you whip the eggs. Place all of the eggs, yolks and sugarinto the bowl of a kitchenaid mixer. Place over a low flame on the stove and while continuously whisking heat until the sugar is dissolved and the egg mixture is warm. Don't cook the eggs. Once the sugar is dissolved place on the kitchenaid and whip onmedium speed until thick and has doubled in size. Take off gently fold a 1/3 of the egg foam into the cooled chocolate, then take the chocolate-egg mix and fold that into the egg foam. Once it's almost combined gently fold in the pre-whipped whipped cream.

Pour into the prepared pan. Place the pan into a baking dish and pour hot water into the baking dish. Bake for 30 minutes and check, continue baking for another 30 minutes.It will be done when the top feels set and a thermometer reads 186.Let cool slightly in the water bath. This is when it will fall.Take out of the water bath and flip over onto a plate. You need to do this while the cake is still slightly warm or the butter will congeal to the pan and it will be impossible to get out. When this happens we use a torch to heat it back up. Gently pull the pan off the cake and gingerly pull the parchment off. If you pull too hard the parchment will take large pieces of the cake with it. You can flip it back over or serve it upside down.

Up until 5 years ago we were serving the cake upside down because the bottom was really flat. Now we know that the uneven glossy top needs to be seen.

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