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Video: Beverly Hills Centennial: How Do You Serve a Cake for 15,000…

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San Jose Mercury News (Bay Area News Group), May 2014

Guittard Bakes a 4000 Pound Chocolate Cake

LA Weekly, April 2014

A Chocolate Cake for 15,000 Comes to Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles Times, April 2014

For Beverly Hills' centennial, a 15,000 slice cake - of course

Haute Living, January 2014

Luxe Rodeo Drive and Guittard to Create 15,000-Slice Centennial Cake

"The Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel has taken on the task of creating the celebratory confection, and has partnered with Guittard Chocolate Company’s corporate executive pastry chef, Donald Wressell, to present the City of Beverly Hills with a larger-than-life birthday cake on April 27. ... The Luxe Hotels/Guittard cake, will stand at a staggering 10-feet high, 15-feet wide, 20-feet long, and will weigh approximately 4,000 pounds. It will depict the iconic Beverly Hills City Hall tower and the world-renowned Rodeo Drive."

New York Times, January 2014

Tweaking Hot Chocolate with Wild Flavors 

NYT's Dining in New Jersey column featured notable hot chocolates in the region including Maricel Presilla's place Zafra and the Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ:

"'Three are on the menu daily: the classic; the habanero, made with heirloom local peppers harvested in summer and ground into a powder; and a nondairy version blended with organic coconut milk instead of cream and milk. The fourth is “a wild card,' Ms. Carbone said, but all share a main ingredient — 61 percent cacao Guittard chocolate, from California. 'It’s fair trade and has a great reputation, but it’s also really rich and thick,' she said."

Bay Area Bites, January 2014

Bay Area Companies Win Big at the 2014 Good Food Awards 

"Bar chocolate from Guittard (an intense 100% bar of blended beans) ... [was] honored among a strong category of contenders from states as far-flung as Vermont, Hawaii, and North Carolina."

PopSugar, January 2014

8 Unusual Finds at the Good Food Awards Marketplace 

"The Guittard 100 Percent Cacao Unsweetened Baking Bars...from California's beloved chocolate factory will blow your mind, because the bars contain no sugar whatsoever. Yet they maintain a rich chocolate flavor and smooth, creamy mouthfeel. This is no bitter baking bar."

Table Matters, December 2013

Nuts About Chocolate: Sophisticated versions of a kid-friendly combo 

"When it came to sourcing the chocolate for Poco Dolce, Wiley stayed local. Located just 15 miles south of San Francisco, Guittard Chocolate Company has been making chocolate for more than four generations. Wiley uses Guittard exclusively in her selection of flavored bars (the olive oil bar is another winner), toffees, and tiles—small squares of chocolate featuring additions like burnt caramel toffee, candied ginger, or roasted almonds."

Los Angeles Times, December 2013

Sweet! Pastry chefs are making a comeback

Betty Hallock of the LA Times highlights what it takes to be a top pastry chef, featuring Donald Wressell amongst several other top "dessert makers." "The orchestration of plating is like a dance," says Wressell. 

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