Beyond Sugar Has Arrived

Keto & Paleo
Friendly Chocolate

Sugar Redefined

In creating chocolate without refined sugars, our guiding principle was—as always—flavor first. Our new line of chocolate is designed to marry the artistry of chocolate making with evolving dietary awareness.

Coconut Sugar
Our innovative use of coconut sugar is formulated specifically to turn this 72% chocolate into a keto and paleo option without sugar alcohols.

100% Unsweetened
Our 100% Unsweetened Chocolate takes a classic formula and delivers it in a new form for consumers--perfect for snacking or baking.

Coconut Sugar 72% Cacao
No Sugar** Unsweetened 100% Cacao
Product information

Notes of roasted cocoa and deep chocolate lead to lingering dried fruit and nuttiness with endnotes of subtle coconut and lingering vanilla.

This 100% Unsweetened Chocolate delivers an intense, rich chocolate with moderate yet balanced sourness and bitterness.

* Figures are based on a 15g serving size (5g cocoa rouge); finished products use and their corresponding serving size may change these figures. Nutritional information for 100g serving is available upon request. Not a low calorie food.
** No sugar added; not a low calorie food