Allergen Statement

Guittard Allergen Policy

The FDA regards allergens as a serious Food Safety concern. This letter is to inform you of the types of allergens that are present in our manufacturing processes. We maintain a complete HACCP program including personnel training as it relates to allergens in our facility.

Collection Etienne 2.65 oz bars - 7238FT, 7245FT, 7264FT, 7270FT, 7272FT, 7285FT and 7291FT

Molded on equipment also used with milk chocolate, soya, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (almond, hazelnuts, cashews and pecans), and wheat. These items are manufactured in a facility that includes these allergens. They clean and check for allergens between product runs.

Collection Etienne 500g bars, 2 oz bars, 6 oz baking bars, - 4245FT, 4101FT, 4380, 4550, 4644FT, 4651, 4652, 4653, 4658, 4659, 4701, 4704, 4704FT, 4707,  4707FT, 4910, 4910FT, 7013, 7023, 7033, 7043, 7101, 7113, 7123, 7133, 7143, 7551, 7646, 7700, 7701

Almonds are present in the facility that runs these items and are restricted to the line that molds these items. We utilize a verification process to exclude almond protein from the non-almond products by a deep cleaning process followed by a Neogen protein probe analysis. No non-almond product may be produced on the molding line until these probes show a negative almond protein value on the food contact surfaces and adjacent areas.

Milk Chocolate ornaments and eggs - 9650, 9651

Made in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts (almond, hazelnuts, cashews and pecans) and wheat.

Powders and Granules - 7500, 7530

Crafted in traditional grinding mills that also make milk chocolate.

All Other Cocoas and Granules

Processed on separate equipment and do not contain any of the 8 major allergens

All Other Chocolate, Chips, Compounds and Syrups, 12 oz Baking Wafers - 7380FT, 7660FT, 7740FT

Made in a facility that is free of peanuts, eggs, wheat, shellfish and fish. Milk, white and dark chocolate and compounds are run on shared equipment that is changed over between items but the equipment cannot be washed with water for Food Safety reasons. Therefore, dark items that do not have milk intentionally added as an ingredient may contain traces of milk from cross contact due to processing on the shared equipment. For dark chocolates, our ingredient statement informs customers with the following information: “Made on equipment also used to make milk chocolate. Not suitable for individuals with milk allergies.”

Industrial chocolate and compound coatings are formulated with a small amount of soya lecithin (less than 0.5%). Since lecithin may contain trace residues of soybean protein, all of these products are labeled with “soya lecithin” to include the name and source of the ingredient.

Should you have further questions, please contact us.

Kenneth J. Givich

Director of Microbiology/Compliance/SQF Practitioner

January 13, 2016


This information has been carefully compiled and provided in good faith and believed to be accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief. Since conditions of use of this information or use of the products supplied by us are not under our control, no guarantee or warranty, whether expressed or implied, is made. This information supersedes all previous versions, is subject to change without notice and valid until a new version is issued. SQF 2.8.2 RD082