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Cultivating Artistry.
Empowering Communities
Honoring artistry in all its forms, we’re proud to collaborate with Creative Growth Art Center on this limited edition chocolate bar featuring artwork from Cedric Johnson, a leading contemporary artist working at Creative Growth. Together we’re cultivating artistry that reflects the world around us while celebrating the artists who inspire us with their creativity--whether it’s on a piece of paper or in a bar of chocolate.
62% Cacao Eureka Works Semisweet Chocolate
Semisweet Chocolate - Eating Bars

62% Cacao
Eureka Works
Semisweet Chocolate

This bar of EUREKA WORKS chocolate is a tribute to where we began in 1868. Made with beans sourced from the same locations we used to make our first product, this bar recreates a classic West Coast flavor of chocolate you would find in the late 1800s.It’s a taste of history and craft that celebrates 150 years of bean-to-bar chocolate artistry.

  • Origin

    Ecuador, Hawaii, Java, Brazil
  • Varietal

    Criollo, Trinitario
  • Ingredients *

    Cacao beans‡, cane sugar, cocoa butter‡, sunflower lecithin, vanilla beans. ‡Fair Trade Certified™ by FairTradeUSA.org Molded on equipment also used with soya, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.
  • Qualities

    • All Natural
    • Non GMO
    • Peanut Free
    • Gluten Free
  • Allergens

    Molded on equipment also used with soya, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat.
* Nutrition and ingredient facts that appear online and on wrapper may differ. Info on wrapper reflects actual contents.
Creative Growth

Creative Growth Art Center is the oldest and largest nonprofit art studio for artists with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Since 1974, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities, providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation.

Creative Growth

The Artist Cedric Johnson

The ArtistCedric Johnson

Cedric Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist who works with a wide range of media, from wood and textiles to ceramics. With a particular attention to line, the preliminary abstract shape takes form as he rotates the piece to find emergent shapes within different perspectives. Fractured planes and a Cubist style of portraiture are prominent in most of his work, and Cedric is equally adept at incorporating vibrant palettes and intricate linear patterns when working two-dimensionally in drawing or painting or three-dimensionally when sculpting ceramic masks. Despite the abstract nature of Johnson’s work, his titles reference dense and complex narratives that he brings to life.

Good Food Originals

Partnering with visionary producers and retailers, Good Food Originals is a line of experimental new products available exclusively during an initial six month period at member stores of the Good Food Merchants Alliance, a growing group of 35 retailers united in support of great American food crafters and a thriving independent retail landscape. The project enables values-aligned makers and merchants to help each other: Merchants unite to buy the first batch of a new product and lower risk and uncertainty inherent in a new launch, while makers enable top merchants to offer something unique that distinguishes their shelves.

Good Food Originals