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David Lebovitz, January 2016

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

These soft, chewy bars combine milk chocolate with tangy dried cranberries, and get extra-chewiness from coconut and oats mixed into the batter. I found they were great with coffee (espresso) in the afternoon, although one of my favorite things – sshhh, don’t tell – is that I like to have a chocolate chip cookie first thing when I wake up, before breakfast.


New York Times Sunday Book Review, December 2015

15 More Cookbooks

...[M]any of these recipes are derived from Amy Guittard’s great-great-grandfather Étienne’s 19th-century originals. Modernized and scaled to size, the recipes reveal their roots via familiar French names: Chocolate Soufflé, Chocolate Crème Fraîche Frosting, Chocolate Pistachio Sablés.


Barnard Magazine, November 2015

Alumnae Business: From Beans to Bars -- and Beyond

Amy Guittard ’05 mentions a favorite family saying: Taste has memory. “Your memories of growing up oftentimes are associated with flavors and foods,” she explains. Her family’s chocolate-making business, the Guittard Chocolate Co., is based in San Francisco, and her favorite childhood memories revolve around chocolate. The Guittards have been turning cocoa beans into this ambrosia for home bakers, pastry chefs, and candy makers for 150 years; the company is America’s oldest continuously family-run chocolate producer.

Carolyn Jung’s Food Gal, November 2015

Prepare yourself for Guittard's Luscious Chocolate Banana Blondies 

What’s in a name? Well, would you believe these are blondies? In my world, just by appearance alone, these are brownies. But in the first cookbook by Burlingame’s bean-to-bar chocolatier Guittard, these are indeed blondies. “Chocolate Banana Blondies” to be exact. No matter how you refer to them, you will be calling them ravishingly good after one bite.

SF Business Times Most Admired CEO, November 2015

Gary Guittard awarded 2015 Most-Admired CEO by San Francisco Business Times. 

Guittard CEO restores family’s Gold Rush-era chocolate enterprise to its former glory. 

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