Sesame Almond Bon Bon

Chef Donald Wressell celebrates Soleil d' Autumne in this lightly complex bon bon. This new dark milk chocolate has a warm, fragrant chocolate flavor with a light, spicy note upfront leading into ripe cherry and complex raisin flavors that together pair beautifully with a sesame almond praline paste. 


60-75 Bon Bons


45% “Soleil d’Automne” Ganache

Cream    210 g
Glucose  22 g
45% “Soleil d’Automne   340 g
Unsalted butter  35 g
Vanilla bean scraped   (½)


Sesame Almond Praline Filling 

Sesame almond praline paste  240 g
45% “Soleil d’Automne”   30 g
Cocoa butter   30 g


Sesame Almond Praline Paste

Toasted Sesame seeds      360 g
Toasted Natural almonds   300 g
Sugar    400 g
Glucose 60 g
Water   60 g
Salted butter  35 g
Vanilla bean (scraped)    (1)


PART ONE  45% “Soleil d’Automne” Ganache

Bring cream to the boil with glucose and pour over chocolate.
Let stand for 5 minutes
At 95f add soft butter and emulsify.
Pipe about into bon bon molds previously lined with tempered 45% milk chocolate. The molds should be approximately 2/3 full leaving room for the praline filling


PART TWO Sesame Almond Praline Paste

Separately toast almonds and sesame seeds. Keep warm.
Bring sugar, glucose, water and vanilla to a light caramel.
Add warm almonds and sesame seeds, continue to caramelize sugars while stirring.
When a medium amber caramel is achieved, add butter, stir to emulsify and cast onto a silpat for cooling.
Once cool, grind in a food processor to a smooth paste.


PART THREE: Method of preparation Sesame Almond Praline Filling

Melt cocoa butter with chocolate to 88f.
Stir praline paste into chocolate mixture.


PART FOUR Final Assembly:

1. Pipe the praline filling onto the ganache already set in the bon bon shell.

2. Cap the mold with tempered 45% milk chocolate.