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Eureka Chocolate Snack


Chocolate Sable Breton

225 gr                        All Purpose Flour

75 gr                          Collection Etienne Cacao Rouge

180 gr                        Confectioners Sugar

9 gr                            Baking Powder

7 gr                            Fleur de Sel

210 gr                        Butter

60 gr                          Whole Eggs

6 gr                            Rhum


Eureka Raspberry Ganache

75 gr                          Heavy Cream

25 gr                          Raspberry Puree

90 gr                          Whole Milk

100 gr                        Glucose

230 gr                        Collection Etienne Eureka 62%


Hazelnut Praline Crunch

240 gr                        60/40 Hazelnut Praline

35 gr                          cocoa butter

35 gr                          Milk Chocolate

200 gr                        Royaltine


Raspberry Coulis

300 gr                        Raspberry Puree

12.5 gr                       Pectin NH

17 gr                          Granulated Sugar

15 gr                          Trimoline

37.5 gr                       Fresh Raspberries



Chocolate Mousse Eureka 62%

125 gr                        Milk

125 gr                        Heavy Cream

24 gr                          Granulated Sugar

51 gr                          Egg Yolk

351 gr                        Collection Etienne 62% Eureka

450 gr                        Heavy Cream 35%



Chocolate Glaze

220 gr                        Granulated Sugar

322 gr                        Glucose

255 gr                        Water

268 gr                        Sweetened Condensed Milk

45 gr                          Gelatin

255 gr                        Water (for gelatin)

190 gr                        100 % Cacao

20 gr                          Collection Etienne Cocoa Noir


For The Chocolate Sable Breton

Cut the butter into dry ingredients in a robot coupe.  Add egg and rhum until dough forms.  Chill and roll to 2mm.  Cut to desired shape and bake at 360°F for ten minutes. 


For TheEureka Raspberry Ganache

Combine cream, milk, puree and glucose and bring to simmer.  Pour hot mixture over partially melted chocolate and emulsify.  Cast onto Sablee Breton


For TheHazelnut Praline Crunch

Combine cocoa butter, melted milk chocolate and hazelnut praline to temper.  Fold in Royaltine.  Roll to 2mm and cut desired shape.  Place on top of ganache.


For TheRaspberry Coulis

Combine Puree, Raspberries and trimoline and warm to 40°C.  Add Pectin and sugar mixture.  Return to a boil and cook for 2 minutes.  Cast onto flexipan mat and cut to desired shape.


For TheChocolate Mousse Eureka 62%

Whip the heavy cream to soft peaks and reserve.  Combine egg yolks, milk, heavy cream and sugar and cook as for anglaise to 82°C.

Pour Anglaise over Meted (40°) Eureka 62% Couveture and emulsify.

Cool to 38° and fold in whipped cream.  Cast into finger mold and cover with insert  Breton, ganache, royaltine crunch and raspberry coulis.  Freeze


For TheChocolate Glaze

Bloom Gelatin in water and reserve.  Combine Remaining ingredients and bring to a boil.  Add gelatin to mixture and emulsify.  Reserve until use.  Use at 35°C.