Making Confections


Prepare The Cooling Area
Have a cooling area prepared for when the dipped confections are ready to be cooled. The room temperature can be 60-70°F (65-70°F is optimal), with low humidity and breezy air movement, such as that provided by a fan or an open window.

Tip: Place wire racks in the path of a breeze in the cooling area. Chocolate needs to have the heat removed in the proper way to get the best gloss and snap. The wire racks help cool chocolate the same way they help cool baked goods by letting the air circulate all around the items.


Tempering Chocolate
Follow the steps included in Tempering Chocolate on this web site.


Dip And/or Mold The Confections
For molding, use a teaspoon or pastry bag to fill liquid chocolate into the molds. The chocolate will form a slight pyramid shape. After the mold is filled, gently tap it to level the chocolate. For dipping, have the fillings for the center of the candy ready by placing them on a baking tray. Place one center at a time into the liquid, tempered chocolate. Coat it. Lift it out of the chocolate and tap off the excess. Place the dipped pieces on an upside down baking tray that is covered with parchment or waxed paper.

Tips for Dipping: Held on a fork, or with two fingers, an item can be swished through tempered chocolate. Then by tapping the back of the fork or fingers against the rim of the bowl the excess chocolate is encouraged to flow off of the piece.

The dipped item can then be set on parchment or waxed paper sheet that is on the backside of a baking tray. The liner helps release the pieces from the surface. The back of the tray helps with good air circulation during cooling.

If the pieces being dipped have juice, salt or crumbs coming off into the tempered chocolate, it is best to first transfer a small amount of the chocolate into a smaller work bowl and dip from there to keep the whole tempered mass clean.


Cool The Finished Confections
Cooling and setting of pieces created with tempered chocolate is best accomplished at 65-70° F in a room with good air circulation and low humidity. To do this, place baking trays in the cooling area in the path of a breeze from a fan or open window. This will help remove the heat and humidity, and give the best gloss, set, and snap to the confections. Of course, it will also give the best appearance and taste!

Tip: It is not recommended to use either a refrigerator or freezer to cool the pieces. Such cooling is too cold, and the pieces will become dull in color. They will also soften and develop superficial drops of moisture from condensation when brought to room temperature.

Making Confections