Allergen Statement

The subject of allergens has become of great interest in the food world and we would like you to know how allergens are being addressed at Guittard Chocolate.

There are three situations in which allergens are present at Guittard Chocolate. First, all of our chocolate (non-dairy containing dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate) are produced on common manufacturing equipment. Since chocolate from a previous milk chocolate run may remain in the system (walls of tanks, inside piping, etc.) we cannot guarantee that the dark chocolate will be free of milk proteins. For this reason, any dark chocolate which does not have any dairy ingredient as a component of its formulation includes a prominent statement immediately following the ingredient statement that declares: Processed on equipment previously used to process milk chocolate.

Second, all of our chocolate is formulated with soya lecithin–less than 0.5%. Since there is a trace level of soya protein that is present in the lecithin, all of our chocolate includes labeling that declares the source of the lecithin as “soya”.

Third, we do have almonds present in our facility. These almonds are restricted to the production on a single depositing line that does not run any Guittard products in these molds. Rework from this line does not re-enter the Guittard Chocolate manufacturing system.

Guittard does not process or handle peanuts in our facility.

We do maintain a complete HACCP program including personnel training as it relates to allergens in our facility.

We hope that this information is sufficient for your needs. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.